Key Benefits of A|Fire Water Vapor Electric Fireplaces


  • Cold water vapor flames eliminate burn risk
  • Runs on water eliminating flammable fuel hazards
  • UV filter system keeps water and vapors 99.9% germ free
  • 24v transformer reduces risk of electrical shock


  • No vent required saving $$$ in construction and remodeling costs
  • No expensive fuels to buy 
  • Energy efficient LED lights lower power consumption
  • 2 Year factory warranty helps protect your investment


  • No smell, mess, or residue
  • Can be hard plumbed or manually filled
  • Easily integrated into a wall, built-in furniture,  or freestanding cabinet
  • Built In wifi allows you to connect to your smart home


  • Control color, height, and speed of flame via remote or smart phone app
  • 30+ Flame color combinations
  • Available in 20″, 40″, or 60″ lengths to fit your application
  • Chain together to create a 40′ ribbon of fire or longer

Traditional, Contemporary, or Both?

Regardless of your preference, our water vapor fireplaces are versatile enough to compliment any application from subtle ambiance to being a bold focal point in any room.

Take a look at some recent installations to determine which best suits your needs. Be warned though, you may discover that you need the tranquility our fireplace inserts offer in more than one room!


Transform Your Room

Putting your fireplace directly under your TV will no longer be an issue since there is no heat to harm your electronics. You’ll also eliminate the mess, smoke, and odor associated with wood or surface residue from burning fossil fuels.

With our patented LED light system, you can even choose a flame color and intensity that matches your mood as it changes from day to night!

Simplistic Yet Safe

Incorporating a fireplace into a wall or furniture built-in has never been easier than it is with A|Firewater systems. By eliminating the dangers of traditional heat-generating fireplaces, placement lower to the ground or near combustible materials is no longer an issue.

You can enjoy the mesmerizing aspects of fire in close proximity to all that you hold dear including children and pets without fear that they might venture to close to the flames!  

Finally, A Fireplace For Warm Climates

Do you enjoy sitting by a fire for hours on end, but live in a climate where heat is that last thing you need more of? If so, our cold water vapor fireplaces are the perfect solution for your love of fire and your warm climate!

We offer realistic flames along with full control of the color, intensity, and duration with the click of a button using our remote or app on your smart phone.

Incorporate the best parts of fire into your life without the traditional hazards and mess. Once you see water burn, you’ll never look at fire the same way!