A|Firewater Product Details and Specifications

A|Firewater vapor fireplaces come in three sizes and can be installed individually or in any combination depending on your needs. For added convenience, multiple units can be controlled by a single remote to create up to a 40′ ribbon of fire.

The units are built to stringent specifications and benefit from a modular design that simplifies installation and service. All products comply with federal and international safety standards:  CE (Europe), FCC (USA), IC (Canada); Patents pending.

Best of all, there is no special permitting or waterproofing requirements that increase costs and delay construction.


Water Vapor Fireplace Inserts with Germicidal UVC Lamps – Viricidal & Bactericidal

All our water vapor fireplace models are now equipped with UVC Lamps that protect and disinfect our air and water tanks, as well as the water vapor produced (patents pending). Ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation inactivates and kills viruses (coronavirus and others), bacteria, spores, microorganisms, and pathogens while the unit is in use. The UVC Lamps are installed in the air and water tanks and therefore not visible to the naked eye. We can now really talk about a 3D pure water vapor fireplace that gets rid of up to 99.99% of dangerous germs.

Whether your next project is a custom home or a commercial application such as a restaurant, office lobby, or perhaps a new brew pub, adding fire to your design will really light up the room without fear of liability caused by heat or contaminates being put into the air.

 The opportunities are endless and challenges of a traditional fireplace are eliminated with A|Firewater.